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Welcome to Winshop Internet (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Integration of Winshop Internet services to OntheNet

In 2006 Winshop Internet was acquired by OntheNet.  To date, Winshop Internet has been operating independently from OntheNet, from the same premises, using much of the same underlying infrastructure and systems as OntheNet.

Over the next few months, services provided by Winshop Internet will be progressively integrated with OntheNet systems.  This transition will be of minimal impact to the majority of customers and we are confident it will be smooth and seamless.

Winshop staff are staying on with OntheNet, therefore the staff who know you and understand your needs are still available to assist you.

Winshop Internet Customers
All Winshop Internet customers were notified of this integration in January 2015.   If you have any questions regarding the integration please contact Winshop Internet on 1300 137 772 or email integration@winshop.com.au.

Up until the day that your service is integrated with OntheNet you can still access Winshop Internet Webmail and My Account.  OntheNet will confirm as services are integrated and provide information on how to access OntheNet Webmail and Customer Toolbox.

Not a customer of Winshop Internet?
Winshop Internet is no longer accepting orders for new services.  You can view OntheNet’s product offerings via the OntheNet website www.onthenet.com.au  Alternatively, you can contact the OntheNet Sales Team by phone 07 5553 9222 or email sales@onthenet.com.au.

About OntheNet 
OntheNet has been providing broadband and hosting services for over 15 years, servicing residential customers, local government, corporate and SME businesses across the Gold Coast and Australia. Our local support is highly regarded by our customers, local IT companies and our industry peers, with multiple awards and long-term clients supporting such a claim.  Click here to read more information about the company, skills and resources.